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The Market Today 
  Borrowing in todayís market is very challenging. Many lenders have exited the market and the ones remaining are reducing their exposure to the market, reducing loan amounts and being very selective about which deals get done.

With your net worth at stake, there is no margin for error. It is extremely important that your application be well thought out and presented. Otherwise you will waste valuable time and money approaching lenders who will be unable to commitment.

Today it is even more important to work with professionals who can underwrite and package your loan to multiple sources of funds.

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Has Your Existing Lender Let You Down? 
  Many borrowers are finding that their existing lender is no longer providing financing or no longer providing competitive pricing. Yet your need for capital has not diminished.

Borrowers still need capital for renovations, to refinance loans with lenders who are not renewing, to free up equity for additional investment.

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Tremendous Commercial Opportunities 
  We are beginning to see several good opportunities in the market to purchase excellent commercial properties. Many purchasers are hoarding cash in anticipation of these opportunities, however they will need additional financing to complete these transactions.

Finding the right financing on a timely basis so you can capture these valuable properties is very important. Today where capital is harder to find and lending practices are getting stricter you will need the help of a professional so you can close.

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  I needed $4.5 million in 5 days. My broker had failed to get me financing, and I had already removed subject tos. I was going to lose a $500,000 deposit if I didnít get the money in time, and you got it done! I owe you buddy.
Victoria, BC
CMHC had turned me down because of structural problems. Thanks for finding a solution to everything and even getting CMHC to insure the property. Now we have the financing we needed and the best rate too.
Regina, SK
I was amazed at the difference in interest rates offered us. As well your advice about signing new leases helped us get good term financing instead of expensive bridge financing while we renovated.
Victoria, BC
Thanks to you I have my first apartment building. I really appreciate all your work getting the loan amount as high as you did, especially considering that some suites needed to be redone.
Chilliwack, BC
Just a quick note to say thank you. The condo conversion is going great. Having an open mortgage we can pay it off as we sell the units is great. Thanks.
Edmonton, AB